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Retained executive search remains the core service of T&I Consultancy, and represents about 95% of our operations. In addition, we occasionally offer a variety of other ‘value-added’ services for our clients and talent pool alike, available depending on our workload.

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    Our portfolio consists of the following services:

    • Executive Search
    • Management Search
    • Market Mapping
    • In-house Recruitment Audit & Advisory
    • In-house Recruitment Team Coaching
    • Compensation Advisory
    • Outplacement
    • Reference Check (mainly for international companies hiring General/Country Managers and other critical roles, but HQs have no access to local ‘soft’ knowledge)

    Individually, for executives, we offer the services including, but not limited to:

    • Career Advice
    • CV Advisory
    • Personal Transformation & Self-Development Advisory
    • Outplacement
Moreover, membership at Global Executive Search Network allows T&I Consultancy, as well as other members, to be able to provide, in addition to its local market services, a large pipeline of variety of other human capital management services – some quite specific and niche ones – being supported by solid expertise of the Global Executive Search Network member partners with decades long track record specialized experience and references in these services.

Furthermore, such a partnership with Global Executive Search Network allows T&I Consultancy conduct important global and regional cross-border search assignments with more comfort and confidence. Being a local boutique executive search firm in Azerbaijan, T&I Consultancy is able to support its regional clients’ critical recruitment – both executive and managerial – needs internationally regardless of frontiers and distances. Whether they are in Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Far East, Africa or somewhere else.

17 years of executive search experience

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