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T&I Consultancy is a member of Global Executive Search, a fast growing worldwide network of independent executive search firms founded by its Chairman, Lorenzo Bombardini in January 2019 ( With members being present in more than 60 countries in all continents, Global Executive Search is the largest professional executive search network in the world by geographical coverage.
T&I Consultancy

Such a global reach can be provided only by a restricted number of players in the executive search industry. The list of the member countries, our partners, together with all relevant information and contact details is available at

Membership at Global Executive Search Network allows T&I Consultancy, as well as other members, to be able to provide, in addition to its local market services, a large pipeline of variety of other human capital management services – some quite specific and niche ones – being supported by solid expertise of the GES Network partners with decades long track record specialized experience and references in these services.

Such a partnership with Global Executive Search Network allows T&I Consultancy conduct important global and regional cross-border search assignments with more comfort and confidence. Being a local boutique executive search firm in Azerbaijan, T&I Consultancy is able to support its regional clients’ critical recruitment – both executive and managerial – needs internationally regardless of frontiers and distances. Whether they are in Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Far East, Africa or somewhere else.

Besides the researchers of the local Partner/Member of Global Executive Search Network, the organization also has a pool of international researchers, with a wide variety of native languages and industry & function expertise, who can be deployed, in addition, if necessary, to the local research teams, thus boosting research effectiveness and efficiency.

The membership increases opportunities for various advisory needs of our clients:

-   specific human capital management tools;
-   narrow and high quality practice expertise;
-   ability to support a large scale complex recruitment projects of various seniority levels (including technical ones) simultaneously in different countries at an efficient cost;
-   interim and crisis management solutions;
-   portfolio of diversity of scientifically rigorous, technologically inspiring psychometrics solutions going beyond standard ones;
-   and many others.