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Jean-Pierre Guinhut

Jean-Pierre Guinhut

Jean-Pierre Guinhut

Client as His Excellency, Ambassador of France to Azerbaijan in 1997-2001


It is my distinct pleasure to present Mr. Ilham Hajiyev, an Azerbaijani citizen, an excellent linguist, a young and talented entrepreneur and a friend of this Embassy.


Over the years, during which he lent us his support, between 1996 and 2000, Mr. Hajiyev has always shown exemplary thoughtfulness and efficiency. With impeccable punctuality, he is also scrupulously steady in his transactions, and has always respected his commitments. His education and cultural awareness make him a partner of great value, endowed with good judgment and an appealing personality, talented in all of his social contacts, even those of a most sensitive nature. His worldly knowledge and his constant curiosity permit him to be objective in his evaluation and to adapt accordingly as things change and evolve.


In the circle of European Embassies during the indicated period, Mr. Hajiyev was a rare example of a successful businessman who was able to adapt to the changing marketplace with modern practices and management.


Mr. Ilham Hajiyev is an exemplary representative of the generation of young entrepreneurs in the private sector of his country, with whom the foreign companies can work profitably and in complete confidence. It therefore is with pleasure that I recommend Mr. Ilham Hajiyev to those who may wish to work with him and would find this letter of introduction to be useful.

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