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Michal Cupa

Michal Cupa

Michal Cupa

Client as CEO, AzerTelekom (Azerbaijan)


I have known Ilham Hajiyev since 2009, when I was recruited from Microsoft to establish and run telecommunication operations in Azerbaijan, and worked in the capacity of CEO of AzerTelecom and as a Member of the Board of C-Ring Telecom, JV between AzerTelecom and Megafon. I have been Ilham’s placement, and using Ilham’s recruitment services to build up my internationally experienced and diverse leadership team, as well as to identify and attract the best talents on the local market.

Management audit and a benchmark performed in 2010 by a reputable western consultancy, to verify the status of Azerbaijan fixed telecommunications market concluded, that AzerTelecom has the most professional leadership and operates against best international practice. Not a simple achievement in the challenging Azerbaijan context, and something which would not be possible without Ilham’s deep engagement, and his warm personal approach in supporting executive team.

Ilham is a caring and a highly dedicated professional with a large network of contacts, which he was happy to share to support the Company growth. I learned from experience, how important it is in Azerbaijan to have strong local support and trusted relationships. Ilham was clearly my best partner in building a business – for him the successful recruitment has been measured by success of the Company.

Ilham‘s contribution and ability to conclude projects in time and in quality, has exceeded not only our expectations, but also my previous experiences during my executive career. Furthermore, Ilham is a person of an incredible intellectual curiosity (incl. writings books). On a personal level, Ilham is an open, reliable, and a trustworthy person. A pleasure to work with.

For all the above reasons, I would be very happy to work with Ilham Hajiyev again in the future, as business partners. I remain available for further reference or personal recommendations.